Facilitation works for team building as well 



Thank you so much for visiting BTF Consulting's site.
BTF stands for Business Transformation with Facilitation.  I have started my consulting business in June 2019 as sole proprietor.

How to walk through this site

This site is composed of following blue highlighted pages.

  • Welcome
    I wrote following 3 sections.
    1. For who I started my sole proprietorship? (Who are my clients?)
    2. What are descriptions of my business?
    3. What do my clients get by utilizing BTF Consulting's services?
  • Biography
    I listed my bio, also I tried to highlight - How it is valuable for BTF Consulting.
  • Links to Blog
    I write blogs which are related to facilitation, meeting, workshop, soft skills, and business transformation.  I think I make "Links to Blog" page as table of contents, so you can  read my blogs in terms of cohesive topics.
  • Contact
    BTF Consulting runs business in Japan.  I translate this site in English because I think there are clients;
    - who are not fluent in Japanese
    - who run meetings and/or workshops with Japanese company, and would like to make it better by introducing facilitation and soft skills.
    BTF Consulting can work in between you and the Japanese company.  Please use Contact page when you would like to touch base with me.

Latest Information

I have started my consulting business in June 2019 as sole proprietor with fictitious business name "BTF Consulting".


BTF Consulting
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