Let me try to explain business transformation by following 3 bullets.

  • Change current business and move to new business
    Business transformation changes across organizations or even corporate wide.  You might want to compare with Kaizen.  Kaizen changes way of doing business in a team in most cases.  I would like to say difference is scale of change.  Sometimes business transformation involves other company.
    I personally think key for business transformation is to focus on clients e.g. "What makes my clients happy?", "What makes my clients say WOW ?".  Here "my clients" does not mean clients of BTF Consultant.  The "my clients" are clients of a client company of BTF Consultant.
    In order to realize business transformation, workshop(s) had better be run.  BTF Consultant supports the workshop(s) utilizing soft skills and frameworks in addition to facilitation.
  • Once the first business transformation is complete, retrospect as appropriate and think about next transformation, my client company can become strong by transform their business autonomously
    Business transformation is never ending activity.  Retrospecting as appropriate is a must.  It is necessary to retrospect and think about next to-dos.  Walt Disney quoted "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”  I personally think business transformation is something like his quote.
     I support my client until they think that they have capabilities to transform autonomously.
  • Scale
    Some of you know a movie Transformers.  Robots (autobot), came from space, changed their bodies to different shapes e.g. cars.  I personally think that scale of business transformation is something like the autobot.  You might know a Japanese company FUJIFILM which made and sold cameras and films for camera, and now they are moving aggressively into healthcare business e.g. this youtube.  I personally guess and expect that someone will say in future "Why FUJIFILM name has film?"  Business transformation is that scale.